Cherry AK-47 1.5g Preroll



Cherry AK-47 1.5g Preroll for sale | Buy Cherry AK-47 1.5g Preroll online

A powerhouse hybrid strain now with the benefits of delta 8. Our Delta 8 Cherry AK-47 Pre Roll delivers the best of all worlds: sativa, indica, and delta 8, all packed into one diversified preroll. With the euphoric properties of delta 8, the relaxing nature of indica, and the uplifted temperament of sativa, Cherry AK-47 brings a versatile balance that is cultivated for a perfect smoke anytime of the day.

  • Total Delta 8 THC Flower Content: 1.5 Grams
  • Delta-8 THC infused
  • Hybrid
  • Full spectrum USA made hemp

Delta-8 is THC known for its potential calming and euphoric effects that may result in a relaxed state of mind. THC, we recommend starting with a quarter or half a preroll and waiting an hour before taking more.


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